Korean american woman with wavy black hair and green glasses

I am an associate professor at the University of Georgia (UGA) researching design processes inclusive of disability, with a focus on accessible graphic design and adaptive fashion. My research examines the intersection of disability and collaborative design processes. In this space, I investigates how accessibility is created and negotiated in creative making. My upcoming book Fashion, Disability, & Co-design, releases in May of 2024 by Bloomsbury Publishing. It offers a curated sampling of co-design processes inclusive of disability, and a close investigation into clothing applications.

Throughout my professional experience, I have held different positions in industry, academia, and entrepreneurial business. This has influenced my research and teaching to be interdisciplinary and collaborative. I am one of the founding members and now board member of a national award-winning educational program at Open Style Lab (OSL), a disability & women-led nonprofit organization. My teaching practice, highlighted in the NYTimes, focuses on helping people develop creative strategies to apply inclusive design principles and critically think about the social implications of disability in a design process.

Before joining UGA, I taught at The New School, Parsons School of Design and was a researcher at MIT. Earlier in my career, I was UX Designer and Design Strategist for Mobile Device research team at Samsung Electronics, Ltd in South Korea. Several of my early designs are found in Samsung feature and smartphones. As an inventor of two US design patents, I enjoy serving on jury committees and organizations that advance the arts & design.