2009 Rhode Island School of Design Year Book

THE 2009 RISD year book 

Client: RISD or Rhode Island School of Design's graduating class of 2009

The 2009 Yearbook for the Rhode Island School of Design is divided into two books that fold into one: Gold & Silver books representing day & night. The concept of time was partially inspired from the school's acronym: (RISD) The Reason I am Sleep Deprived. The books are divided into twelve hours. Each hour reflected the student's "peak" time of inspiration or the hour they identified themselves to the most. Photographers took photos of students at the exact or approximate time of his or her choice. We asked the graduating class the following questions to help them decide on a time slot: Are you more of a night person? Do you work more creatively during the day?  

Opening page from Preseident John Maeda

Opening page from Preseident John Maeda

White and black foam core boards were given to each student. The boards were a common element that created dynamic negative space and interesting compositions for each layout.  Some students choose to create something with the boards, some did not use it, and others placed the board discretely. 

Honorable Mention : 2010 HOW Magazine Design Student Award Winner

Individual role: Art Direction, concept, & print design

Teamwork and Supervision: The talented teammates and contributors are referenced on the RISD Blog