Drones User Testing & Observation

Charles, Jaskirat and I went to user test our drones outside by Union Square. We had mixed reactions from the public: Some people were curious, excited, or indifferent. Overall, we did receive positive reactions from a old French man and a young girl with her father. 

Jaskirat: (Charles' observation)

  • Middle aged man — startled at first
  • Couple walking by with dog — curious
  • Guy on his phone — slowly walking and looking
  • Jas began chasing drone — couple immediately stopped and watched
  • Wife told husband about drone. Both began to watch.
  • Glances here and there.
  • 2 woman with a child passed by. One woman continued to stare even 20 feet away.

Grace: (Charles' observation)

  • After grace laughed guy stopped and walked around.
  • Older man stopped to observe when the drone was upside down. 
  • Glances
  • One man stopped and asked grace about drone size. Positive response

Charles: ( Jaskirat's observation)

  • People are curious 
  • Patiently watching
  • Observing Charles with drone in his hand
  • Long observations at a distance.30 feet away
  • Observing up to 4 mins.
  • Couples tend to move along. 
  • Some smile and point at it.
  • Smile and avoid flight path
  • Neutral attention from public.