Dimension, Fabric, & Geometry

I've been experimenting with adding layers to the body with fabric. I visited Mood Fabrics on 37th street and picked up a few yards of different fabrics such as, polyester and cotton blends. The pentagon shapes formed a dimensional shape with fabric. I wanted to give depth to a garment specifically, the bodice top I've been making at NOT studio.




  1. ITP Magnetic Felt scarves and wear: could add magnetic pieces to the sides and make them connect like a large draping blanket.
  2. Try using in Rhino (command: UnrollSrf)  Unrollsurface repeats your object like dodecahedron to make a sheet of it.
  3. Reference Tutorial in General for Rhino: http://www.lynda.com/Rhino-tutorials/Rhino-5-Essential-Training/133324-2.html


  • Due in the next in 2 weeks.
  • Watch movie "Print the Legend" on DIY printing.
  • Office hours are Wed. 2pm, Thurs 10am for 3D printing,  Monday night at 5pm: 66 5th ave. room 403
  1. SIGN UP (Wed. Sept 23, 2pm-3pm) : http://doodle.com/poll/xpd665rt8myvwrhhhttp://resources.parsons.edu/resource/3d-prototyping-lab/
  2. Remix an object (push the wrapping of something real. Ex- Twisted or melted phone, and for extra credit go replace it in the actual environment. ) = 2 WEEK long term assignment, bring in 3D PRINTED THING
  3. Build a detailed object from scratch and dimension it in 3 views using a caliber or ruler IN RHINO. = short assignment