Bioplastics Kit for 3D printed toys

Can 3D printed bioplastics create designs that educate and encourage hands-on experiences for  young children by making their own natural plastics? 

- My question tries to measure and prove the following:

(1) 3D printing for bioplastics as a possibility for in DIY manuefactoring/ tutorial

(2) 3D printed bioplastics as an application

- extend 3D printing bioplastic education to precedents of fashion or product design.

(3) 3D printed bioplastics as exemplary natural material for today's case in sustainability for design & technology.

Further testing my hypothesis and tests on 3D bioplastic printing materials to create a toy or mathematical shapes to help educate young children. 

Will a Bioplastic Tutorial and Kit help educate and encourage creativity with young children regarding natural materials and with the supervision of parents or teachers?