Bioplastic Toys Website: User Test 1

Website prototype for bioplastic toys and tutorial website. - web architecture needs to be fixed - responsive to multiple devices need to be fixed

Precedents and Competitors: HackaBall, Little Bits (on Goop), Toy Safety,  Minecraft, Bioplastic toys for babies (Bioserie), Building and reading kit for girls to embrace engineering (Goldiebox), Toys for teaching empathy by building when blindfolded via Kickstarter, Endangered animals context and info article, Potential client and proof of user need (Curious Jane camp in Brooklyn) .

User tested my bioplastic toys website today with several groups to get feedback on information architecture, the overall aesthetics and content of the website, and other ideas.  (Target age 3- 6 years old)

Group 1 (Mala Kumar, KateShih-Wen Chen)

  • Add more photos of childern playing with actual animal toys
  • Need to clarify the aspect of the project is to save marine life vs. bioplastic? 
  • It looks fashionable, not really for toys, more geared to the parents or teachers (not a website for kids)
  • Possible ipad game that ties between the website and the physical 3D printed bioplastic toys? (use the camera as a sensor to detect the toys and project the character on the ipad interface)

Group 2 (Hang Do Thi Duc, Gi Sung Lee, Jaeyoung Ha)

  • Perhaps a guidebook can be included on how to create discussion around such a "morbid topic." How can parents approach this heavy info. and serious environment saving topic to their kids? 
  • Make more of the empahsis on safe for kids? The first images should be targeted for safety and green, then the animals in the following order
  • The benefit for my kids is not clear
  • Add more of a playful experience?--- then toys--- the material properties -- then kit?

Individuals: Haotian Li, Nithya Asokan, Dave Caroll, Kylie Li

  • Rephrase the word "rare" to endangered
  • Emphasize on the bioplastics and the website to look more like an educational style of the website and not really a advertising / promotion style
  • Dual functionality of the Excluded Toy Set: (1) make your own bioplastic and fill it into the molds, or (2) match the animal toys to their correct mold spot.
  • Try using FormOnePlus instead of MakerBot (regardless, Makerbot 3D quality is still like a prototype and not good enough for commercial mass production) 
  • D/L the Makerbot Software and import the .stl file to the makerbot software 
  • Need to address the ecosystem of toys: What make home appliances like microwaves indispensable? What is the role of 3d printing in our lives? 3D printed toys? Is there a way to make a toy and then dump it back into the machine to churn out a new one (reuse of material) 
  • Can you make the website verbiage and content easily accessible to read by both users? (parent and child?)
  • WHAT YOU NEED TO GET ACROSS / EDUCATE: (1) Wow that was easy to make (2) It's not harmful b/c it's bioplastics (3) Why aren't we using these instead of synthetic plastics?
  • Bioplastics are driven by "life" & they represent "renewability" 
  • Will you user test 1 child & 1 parent or multiple children?