Quick Test: Validity

Hypothesis: The form of wearables will determine it's desirability.

INTERVIEW: Questions with Hang Do Thi Doc:

  • Can you match these wearables (sketches) to an environment? Where would you wear these (ex.- Photo: Bar Party - Answer Choice: Shoulder pad)
  • Where would you go look/search for wearables? (She's not that interested nor seen enough of it. Most she has seen is "Apple iWatch")
  • Will you buy it? (Depends on it's function)
  • What if someone sold you a uncomfortable almost "un-wearable" haute couture dress for $10.00? (Yes, because of the price!)
  • Where do you go to search or buy clothes? Any online retailers? (She doesn't really follow online retail or news. Just goes to the physical store).

INSIGHTS: Review of Interview showed how Wearable -Tech is advertised will effect desirability. The way we think/ perceive wearables.

  • How environments will dictate user choice for wearable- tech clothes SIMILARLY to their choice for fashionable clothes
  • How users find wearables: Online/ Store: What is wearables were sold in normal clothing stores without revealing their functionality? What if famous online fashion bloggers wore it to publicize it?
  • Searching/ accessibility to finding about wearables is still limited to a small community and not a larger public unless it's from a big company like Apple / Google. 
  • Price is a huge expectation of "non-functional" high fashionable clothes.

* Image credited from Mashable