Quick Test: Wearable & Materials 2

TASK: Am I articulating the right hypothesis? Am I testing it the right way? 

My hypothesis: The form of wearables will determine it's desirability.

What dictates wearables lifecycle & functionality? What wearables can be associated with what kind of environments? 

  1. Form will dictate the use case of wearables  
  2. Material will dictate use case of wearables  
  3. What materials will create technologies for heat resistant clothes? Transformative clothing? 

STEP 1: Match form with user persona:

  • DRAWING 1: shoulder pad: To prevent scoliosis / long term damage of shoulders, due to heavy backpacks 
  • DRAWING 2: mat- dress (A dress that morphs into a heating mat to take wherever) 
  • DRAWING 3: speaker hoodie (A hoodie that activates voice record when the facial skin is in contact with the fabric) 
  • Material 1 (stair shaped squares), Material 2 (soft-folded diamonds), Material 3 (circular modules) , Material 4 (pop-up laser cut purple flower) 

STEP 2: Next is to test materials (bio-plastic/ sustainable materials) also match wearables to an environment (Moodboard: photos of environment for these wearable to invision a future scenario) 

User reactions & opinions: comments from Mala, JaeYoung, Gā€™s, Hang, Xue, Haotin: 

  • Mala: something that inflates (purple flower) in form for the 1 & 3, (soft diamond form_ for the shoulder pad
  • Haotin: Material square diamonds can deflate and inflate for shoulder use. 
  • G: Softer paper material can be used for hoodie
  • Hang: Circular materials can be paired for the shoulder pad- wearable scene