Mobile News Review: Samsung, NTT Docomo, Apple, LG

Great summary on transmission data by Endgadget 

  • Japanese carrier DoCoMo & technology relationship with Samsung to see if high frequency bands (greater than 6GHz) can support speeds up to 10Gbps, even if masses of devices in a small area are vying for bandwidth. (aka- the 1 second wireless movie download)
  • Unlike 3G and 4G, there's a  new standard using millimeter wave signals to bounce information between the network and user. (*technology only works when the two devices are in a line of sight. Not good for walking around with your phone in your pocket.) Solution: The pair uses "3Dbeamforming," a way of triangulating the position of the phone to a nearby antenna to send the transmissions in a straight line.  (*possible only if a location is absolutely heaving with "5G" access points)
  • March 2nd is MWC: Strong come back of phones (Samsung Galaxy 6 marketing "Six Appeal") and stylish watches wearables (LG).

Forecast on Wearables (watches- iWatch is 2015- peaks at 2017)