Major Studio: Mid-term conclusion

(1) Direction of Wearable technology as a service platform: Wearshops

  • User research in depth, crowd sourcing, data tracking on website, possible application development. 
  • Precedence: 
  1. AIGA
  2. Mashable
  3. Engadet
  4. Make Magazine

(2) Sustainable Fashionable / Sustainable Fashion Tech as Couture 

  • create a series that narrows down to: accessory/ tops/ skirts
  • narrow down to 1-2 materials: Nature rubber & hand-made Bioplastic (ex)
  • incorporate sustainable materials to create couture (inspiration pinterest board here)
  • Precedence:
  1. Kombucha dress by Suzanne Lee  (even Facebook group)
  2. #Cork Dress by Megan Tajaard
  3. Gary Harvey's eco-couture line is made entirely of recycled and refurbished clothing
  4. Ajna-Organic Nudie Jeans
  5. Between the Sheets (lingerie)
  6. KamiOrganic
  7. Pants to Poverty
  8. Po-Zu Shoes
  9. room to roam Royal Blush
  10. Bio Shirt Company
  11. Heavy Eco
  12. Rapanui
  13. Stella McCarthney / Isaay M.