Software Takes Command

Reflection: Introduction Chapter, Manovich, L. Software takes command (Links to an external site.)

Key points:

  • Software as an overarching layer on all things. From culture to arts
  • Questioning the separation of "new media" and software in history: What is media after software? ( Meaning what is the outcome after that layer of software--- what is design movies after using after effects software; new hybrid?)
  • Connections between an artist's medium of choice and use of softwares mediums
  • MIT's Fuller says "All intellectual work is now software" (meaning everything you think of and make is a form of software b/c it's filtered by it?)
  • Software helps us understand contemporary skills (intangible?): communication, representation, control. vision, memory etc.
  • Software as a way to: create, assess, engage, participate & develop.
  • Mind map: Drawing
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