Major Studio Week 1: IP & Business

When proving a good idea, we referred to Eric Reis' Lean Startup.

  • How effectively to develop an idea and validate it: Test—-Measure—-Learn—-Test ——(repeat)
  • MVP: scientific process, finds the core and essential feature of your idea. (Minimum Viable product)  
  • Find products people want, and making those. Rather than what you THINK people want
  • Make something that tests a hypothesis, no need for the full product overview.
  • All ways to validate your “need” or “x number of people’ who sign up for your product/ service. 

Another example on wearable technology patents and sourcing your material.

ReferenceMajor Fashion Retailers Named in Smart Shirt Suit. U.S. Patent No. 6,381,482, titled "Fabric or Garment with Integrated Flexible Information Infrastructure," and U.S. Patent No. 6,970,731, titled "A Novel Fabric-Based Sensor for Monitoring Vital Signs.