Introduction to Data Vis

WEEK 1: Assignments

READ: Introduction Chapter, Manovich, L. Software takes command discussion on on Feb. 5, create a mind map in preparation

  • Install: Processing 3.0a5 (Links to an external site.) pre-release
  • Know: Chapters 2, 3, 5: Processing Handbook

RESEARCH REPORT: Nervous Systems

  • What are the main ideas and concepts behind the research topic you've selected (person or technology).
  • How does this connect to other readings and discussions within the course?
  • You should bring supporting materials that help to understand and contextualize the text in form of images, quotes, and video clips.
  • Create a slide presentation using the Portable Document Format .pdf (resolution 1280 x 720px).
  • Post the .pdf file (check the research report category and your name) to the class blog before the class presentation. 
  • You should present directly from the website using this .pdf. Link videos from directly from the .pdf notes to present the topic in about 10 minutes. Prepare a follow-up questions for the class. 
  • You will be evaluated based on how you describe the main concepts to your peer students in the adequate detail, how you connect them to other readings and a broader context, your supporting materials, the quality of your questions for the class discussion in the given time frame.


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