Quick Test

List of ideas and inspiration for the Quick Test:

(1) Validate the need for Modular Wearables (Paper & Code)

Not all fashion is wearable but still desired (Wearbale tech too gadget-oriented and even complex haute couture) . 

  • Test the needs for "modular fabrics": People's response (survey) on where or when they would wear such things 
  • Confirm social user cases factor of transformative materials, smart fabrics, modular wearables. 
  • Test using sustainable materials (Hanji? Bamboo?) 
  • Reference: Self-Assembly MIT, Issey Miyake , Chanel Haute Couture 2015 (paper)

(2) Validate the need for a  Wearable Education Community (Web design)

The evolution of design education in correlation to rising technologies: Is wearables education needed?  

  • Try creating a data management on website to grow a community (validate website hits)
  • Test the need fo DIY kits. Create and developing a quick kit for teaching professional or college-level designers wearables (How can one kit cover the basics of wearables?)
  • Reference: Don Norman, State of Design: Why design education must change

(3) Validate the need for jewelry as interface

Jewelry and accessories have seen a recent boom in the wearable tech boom. But are they limited to one design form? 

  • Reference: Van Cleef & Arpels' history of convertible jewelry. 

*Image courtesy of Smart Textiles