MAD Museum: NYC Makers Show

I was fascinated with two exhibition pieces at the MAD NYC Makers show:

 #22 Miriam Simun: Direct Olfactory Stimulation Device 1 & 2 

This piece redefines dinning jewelry and the psychology of food association with smell. It made me wonder and question about previous dinning wear, accessories, and fashions as well as, dinning etiquette. For example, the Japanese have a order for eating certain types of sushi in a particular order to get the “maximized” sensation or the British tea customs. It touches upon social dinning manners for a future that will indulge in multiple sensory luxuries.

 #30 Yemenweed:

The next piece that caught my interest was by Yemenweed and their HD video commercial on a dis-topian future on women’s lifestyles. An interesting narrative on future commercials for the superficial images of women. It questioned my thoughts on TV and video culture, particular in fashion ads.

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