Korea / Jeju island summer

April 24, 2014

With the sun blaring down, Jeju Island, the “Hawaii of South Korea,” is swamped with tourists and honeymooners. The small island circles around Hallasan Mountain, and is a one-hour plane ride from Seoul’s Gimpo Airport.

1.    Olle walking trails, which are omnipresent around the island, are marked with blue and red ribbons with a horse logo. Great views at the Chosun or Lotte Hotels.

2.    Eat that day’s catch from deep-diving women by the coasts.

3.    Seaweed and sea urchin soup or sea urchin noodles

4.    Jejudo black pig barbeque is famous but commonly found in Seoul.

5.    The O’Sulloc Tea museum, which overlooks the tea plantation,  is open for samplings and green tea ice-cream.

6.    Stroll through the peaceful Saryeoni Forest 사려니숲길, with strong scents of pine and an old lady selling jejudo oranges (Halla-bong) and golden corn.