Wearable Technology: Closure & the Body

 traditional fashion closures meet hardware technologies

"New uses are always being found for familiar technologies" - Nelly Oudshoorn

Flexible Bodies explores temporary closures between materials for the body and disabled body. The project merges electronics and with traditional apparel closures to change how people might experience the closure of clothing in relation to the body. The project proposes four jackets as solutions for people who have difficulty closing and opening clothing such as, the disabled population with limited arm mobility. The solutions provide an opportunity to rethink about fashion “hardware” such as, snaps, zippers, and magnets as closures for garments for both people of abled and disabled bodies. The research aims  to reexamine the intricate, and increasingly intimate relationships between technology and the body: What metaphors do hardware closures have on clothes in the field of wearable technology? And can style and technology applied to a jacket accommodate multiple body types?

Tools: Arduino IDE (programing hardware), Micro-controller, electro-permanent magnets, pattern making & appeal construction