Fashioning Data Visualization

Wearable Accessory & Data Visualization 

This application of wearable technology for the airline industry explores date and theories of “wearable space.”  The project looks into defining public and private spaces where wearable technologies are involved. Data was used as a medium that can translate across these spaces. The wearable accessory projects air quality data. The data from the wearable cap is using Wifi technologies to translate dust particles to digital visuals for the screen. The data challenges the user to rethink about wearing information of a surrounding environment since the cap is an integrated fashion accessory that portrays the body itself is a sensor.  The design questions perception of airplane experiences and travel choices based on air quality.

Website: Data visualizations for comparing and measuring dust levels. User experience scenario & Research: Qualitative interviews and concept mapping.

Tools: Arduino IDE (programing hardware), Micro-controller, dust sensor, Processing (Java), D3.js, NodeBox, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, & Photoshop.