WEB: Story in a Bag

the story in bags

Website & Design Product: Storytelling 

Women's obsession with luxury bags is nothing new. The price of bags can be confusing. Would anyone think a $5,000 bag is worth buying? The Chanel Lego plastic bag was introduced in 2013 and caused quite a controversy. A high price tag, limited addition bag was a "must have." With the democratization of fashion, new materials such as plexi-glass or 3D printing plastics are used in production and have changed the creation process of luxury goods. Could the introduction of new materials disseminate the product and the brand legacy? Do overly simplified form and materials offer different perspective of brand storytelling? My project starts to explore the effects of new technology on luxury consumerism, based on the Chanel brand. 

As a reminder of the Chanel's historic events, I created three paper bags that represent the iconic symbols of Coco Chanel: the Chanel No. 5 perfume, the Camellia flower, and Byzantine inspired costume jewelry. Each bag is associated to a story on the website (video below). The panels inside the bag create a story through layers.

Currently in process:  3D printing the bags & redesigning website. Tools: Javascript, HTML, CSS, ply wood, paper.