Connecting the Mobile & Instore Experience

The Future of Retail: Connecting Offline and In-store Experiences

Client: National Retail Federation 

The National Retail Federation is the world's largest retail trade association. With renowned retailers from Nordstrom to Amazon, the federation organized an annual summit and contest for students. The Ray Greenly Scholarship addresses the potential opportunities for the future of digital retail.

How will the possibilities of design and emerging technology effect retail strategy? What will future shopping experiences look like? The project focused on connecting the in-store and online experience of a department store (Neiman Marcus): A mobile application that is interactive when placed near the store window. Tourists have a growing presence in the luxury market. From duty free stores to main city malls, tourism has offered a user group with dynamic demands offline, online, and in between. 

NRF_fashionretail FLAT2.jpg

Individual Role: GUI design, UX Scenario Concept, and case study proposal. 

Semi Finalist winner: Ray Greenly Scholarship