2013 Art Direction: IFA

The Annual IFA Show 

Client: IFA or Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, and major stakeholders for Samsung Electronics.

The IFA is one of the largest consumer electronics fair in the world. For the 54th annual show in Berlin, Samsung designers introduced Design Storytelling, a collaborative project that explained the design process, concepts, and future possibilities of the company's latest products. A three panel short animation or teaser trailer, explained what "makes it meaningful" for the mobile division and our products or services. 


A combination of animated slideshows and movies were carefully planned across three panels. An interactive and immersive experience for a behind the scenes look at iconic products such as, The Galaxy Note III. The internal collaboration between mobile, home appliances, and TV designers at Samsung produced multiple sketches and iterations which, were discussed over months prior the show date. 

Pictureallsketch copy copy.jpg
NRF_fashionretail FLAT2.jpg

See the IFA show on SAMSUNGlive via YouTube

Individual Role:  UX Teaser for Mobile Art Direction & Scenario Ideation

Teamwork & Supervision: Project Management  — Samsung Design Strategy Team in Mobile Consumer Electronics, Corporate Design Center, & VD , Video Production — Motion ON. Additional help and support given by all designers who were involved in the IFA show preparation.