Connecting Wearable Tech

Cognitive Flowers

An exploration in open BCI technology and sculpture design.  

Cognitive Flowers

Cognitive Flowers is a joint project that explores physical computing and wearable technology. The research was based on concepts Zero UI (Theory that rejects the use of GUI & touch interfaces) and Ubiquitous Technology by Mark Weiser. This project sought to address interactions between headset wearables and physical artifacts. The project aim was to explore ways in creating a physical embodiment of digital information by bridging the gap between digital and physical space. 

The project consists of a wooden artifact 1.5 feet tall with paper flowers that reacted to the Neurosky headset. The NeuroSky is an embeddable EEG biosensor solution that translates brain activity into action. The petals of the flowers respond to user "brainwaves" through bio-sensing technologies provided by the NeuroSky wearable headset. The flower petals mimic two conditions of a user's mental state: A calm mental state and an erratic mental state. 

Collaborative with Jaskirat Randhawa

ToolsMindwave (bluetooth), Arduino Uno, Arduino programming, servo motors,ply wood, paper, & fishing string.

Keywords: mental state, self-realization, physical computing, wearable headset, Zero UI.