Mobile Technologies: Decoding Fabrics to Pixels

Decoded: A Fashion App for Color Swatch Identification

Decoded is a mobile application catered to fashion industry professionals and designers. The tablet-focused application was created with the intent to aid in the visualization of complex color schemes of fashion collections. How has tablet technologies allowed users to see fabrics of clothing that are tightly weaved or constructed by multiple layers and colors? How has pixels translated to a in-depth view of a collection's choices in material and fabric?

The collections were created with Processing code for various effects. Users can hover over the canvas to unveil the model and the outfit.

he application aggregates the colors of each outfit (model) and filters into the four main colors.  The designer's collection is projected in a different visual, either as an entire season show or as an individual piece. Originally inspired by the subtle use of color in woven fabrics, Decoded offers an alternate perspective to colors in textiles. 

* All fashion and model images are referenced from The New York Times Runway Collections, and the official websites of  Chanel, Fendi, and Derek Lam.