Patternmaking & Draping at NOT Studio

I started to take private lessons from the talented fashion designer, Jenny Lai. She humbly let me practice at NOT Studio and provided me with an array of tools such as, the 8 inch French curve ruler and multiple sewing pins. We began with basic draping and transferred to patternmaking to create a garment piece for the upper body.

Patternmaking is a meticulous and detailed art form. It is no joke. The practice demands precise measurements, attention to cuts, and an good understanding of using the grid. I learned to "true -a-dart," a process that shapes the fabric around the body. For example, I practiced making several darts to accommodate the bust on the bodice.

I had recollections of the lecture from my class at Parsons, Materialism & Modernity. As Karl Marx had written, "fashion is a form of labor" and it's industrial nature is apparent in the manufacturing process. I not only experienced the mathematical and industrial process of making a garment but, also noticed the similarities with modern day technologies. For example, the terms software and hardware are used in fashion to describe additional pieces to a garment. An example of hardware application are buttons, zippers, and snaps whereas, software applications are more fabric-oriented in nature.