Parsons MFA DT Bootcamp Final

The students of MFA DT Bootcamp have demonstrated the ability to converge the design process with technical techniques such as, web and code. Their roadblocks were celebrated as learning opportunities and continuation for future iterations in pursuit of a topic of self-interest. While I understood the value of prototyping, all work critiqued on the final presentation of Bootcamp emphasized a single question: How can the student make meaningful work and demonstrate he or she has made sense of the world through design & technology

Above all else, the Parsons MFA Design & Technology community encourage students to understand the intent of what he or she is making. I was reassured at the final presentation by critics such as, fellow alumni, Bryan Ma and faculty, Anezka Sebek. I watched all ten students present final projects that reflected the three-week intensive Bootcamp experience using code, web, and design.  Many of the students demonstrated a high-level understanding of tools and materials provided at Bootcamp. 

But exemplary student work demonstrated an invention process that was more personal and created the opportunity for the next steps. The students that demonstrated exemplary work also did not address an imagined audience or plan. Rather, he or she clearly understood and reflected on following:

  1. Overarching topics that have not been addressed in the final presentation were recognized and had a plan-of-action. (Topics such as health, sex education, discrimination etc)
  2. The student had a reflective attitude towards his or her own final work.
  3. The student was able to communicate his or her intent of the work presented. 

Overall, teaching Bootcamp this summer was an experience that changed the way I think about design and technology. I've learned more about myself and creative voice by watching the incoming students of MFA DT.