Design Intelligence conference (SDM)

The Strategic Design Management program here in Parsons hosted a lecture and workshop series last Saturday. Some insights from the lecture on design thinking are the following:

  • A company culture that strives to be a transparentmulti-disciplinary team.
  • Being bold to approach the extreme user (ex- truck driver: asking him what luxury is. He didn’t say anything until they visited his home and found a foot massager. The team discovered he gets a pedicure once a week. To him, that wasn’t luxury, to him that was maintaining his most “valuable assets” (his feet). 
  • There is structure to design. For example, the process of editing non-fiction books.  During the process of writing a book, there are chapters, a beginning, middle and end. This framework is similar to design thinking. You don’t necessary know the exact content that will be there but, you have confidence to push forward an idea or project because there are some predictable outcomes you can rely on based on the framework.
  • Most of the time it’s the intent and consideration of listening than asking the right questions (during user interviews).