Developing A User Scenario

Continuing a project is just as hard as thinking of a grand idea. I developed a concept mobile application for window displays (below). I thought of questions of how a user would seamlessly intereact with fashion merchandise through the store window and the mobile device.

  • Why would people want to interact with window displays?
  • What holidaies would provide opportunities for user adaption of mobile to window interaction?
  • Would windows be another gateway for users?(Corning's vision of an interactive glass world)
  • What purchasing decisions will change, if window displays were active? Would users tend to buy more products after this interaction?
  • What pain points or drawbacks would users face when interacting with the store window?
  • How can we determine and measure a user's engagement with an interactive store window? Would users be discouraged by an the store window if the interaction was not playful?
Grace JunComment