Connection: When the Boundaries of Personal & Digital are Unclear.

Working in the mobile phone industry is different from working on a relationship with your mobile phone. In an attempt to get back in touch with “real engagements,” more or less influenced by the movie called Her, I had turned my phone off for two weekends. This is not the first time I wanted a tech-detox.

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How do you define real? What are feelings composed of?  After watching Her, the modern sci-fi movie directed by Spike Jonze, I recognized the potential of a tech-heavy future. It is hard to imagine people giving voice commands to their devices, like Joaquin Phoenix portrays as Theodore, in the opening scene. His world is a contradiction of the disturbingly lonely and the constantly connected. Does a smart and sexy OS voice like Samantha, not possess the equivalent feelings as much as phone call between two people? What constructs real relationships, connections, or friendships?

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