Thai Textures & Food

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Jim Thompson’s silk cosmetic pouches are a staple in my mother’s cosmetics collection, since I can recall my father leaving to Thailand in 1995. He would bring back small hand carved statues for me and for mom, the same cosmetic pouch. To see a Jim Thompson store in Bangkok was almost surreal. I touched all the scarves, pillowcases, and rows of textiles that hung as samples in the back of the store. The pattern, the colour, the versatility!

Texture & Touch: 

  1. Floral prints with splashes of diagonal reds patterns.. Blue-grass green graphics
  2. Grey iconic elephant
  3. Two beige and cream colored woven pillows.

By nightfall, we dine in The Lebua Hotel, at “The Breeze.” Food for Thought:

  1. Lime grass tea with a sampler of crispy dumplings and soft pork bits.
  2. Stuffed spring rolls with soft lobster meat, wrapped with long green leaves for a finishing touch.
  3.  A crispy seasoned crab paired with an almost taste-less Thai grapefruit was the most unusually combination. Shredded unripe papaya, tomatoes, runner beans, lime, peanuts, and lemon juice, compromised the vegetables side dish.