Latin, Speech, and AT&T

The Sales EVP gave me constructive feedback after my presentation with AT&T. "You should speak a little slower and louder," he said. "Talk you time." Normally, I would have ten to fifteen minutes to deliver my speech, negotiate, and hopefully ask questions. It was time to break the rules.  

After this experience, I started to ponder about the origins of public speaking. Naturally, I asked Google. The Latin “orator” or Ars Oratoria was the first to develop the technique and art form.  Ancient Rome and the art of public speaking was highlighted by "celebrities," such as Demosthenes: A Greek statesman and orator, who “perfected the utmost tone of lofty speech,” but who also failed negotiating with Alexander the Great. 

The following day I had another presentation. I delivered my speech in sixteen minutes.  And the following Saturday, I re-watched Marlon Brando in the 1952 Julius Caesar movie.